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About Our Professionals

The founding partner of Goddard Gamage, Jan Goddard, has more than 30 years of estates, trusts, and guardianship experience including her years in private practice and as a policy advisor and manager at the Office of The Public Guardian and Trustee. Combined with her training in gerontology, this experience makes Jan a valued leader in Ontario in our field. 

Managing Partner Nimali Gamage joined Jan Goddard as an associate in 2002 and became partners with Jan in 2012. Nimali has practiced exclusively in the areas of estates, trusts and guardianship law since 2002 and has become a leader in Ontario in the niche area related to Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits.

Excellence and integrity have marked the law practice of partner Alexandra Mayeski for almost 20 years. Her areas of expertise include estates, trusts and capacity litigation, as well as professional negligence. She also has niche expertise in freedom of information and privacy matters. Alex joined Goddard Gamage in 2021. 

Associate Jordan Korn built a strong litigation practice before joining our firm in 2019. He is interested in all areas of estates and related litigation including guardianship, power of attorney disputes, and complex trusts and wills cases. 

Our associate Brittany Miller, who also joined us in 2019, came from a respected commercial firm in downtown Toronto. She is particularly drawn to estate administration and to drafting wills and other estate-planning documents.

Janice McGuire is our Estates Clerk. She helps clients through all aspects of estate administration, from applying for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, to the distribution of estate assets. Janice joined our firm in 2012.

Our Professionals