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Janice McGuire

Estates Clerk

Janice’s interest in law was piqued in high school by a wonderful teacher who taught the only law course offered.  

However, her career path first led her to the field of property valuation.  After many years considering a change,  Janice returned to college to take Seneca College’s law clerks program.  Part of the law clerk program’s curriculum was Wills and Estates, and Janice knew that was the area of law she wanted to be a part of.  She had seen, first hand, what someone went through when a family member died without a will.  She was determined to help others navigate what is always a stressful situation when a loved one dies.

Janice’s legal career started as an assistant to the senior litigation lawyer in a boutique law firm. She joined Goddard Gamage LLP in 2012 as an assistant, thrilled to be a member of the administrative team in a Wills and Estates firm.  

Janice has recently taken over the role as Estates Clerk with the firm, a role she cherishes. In it, she helps the firm’s lawyers deal with the estate administration aspect of a file. That means she works with clients to do everything needed to apply to the Court for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, more commonly known as probate. She helps deal with the details of estate distribution. Her favourite part of the job is talking to clients and helping them in every way she can.

Janice is a theatre buff and enjoys spending time with her husband at their country home. 

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Janice’s interest in law was prompted in high school by a wonderful teacher who taught the only law course offered.  

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